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Road Trip to Thistle Farms




Road Trip to Thistle Farms

Doug Dukate

We started talking to Thistle Farms about partnering with us a few months ago. Right away we loved their mission and their passion to help women coming out of lives of prostitution, sex trafficking, addiction, and abuse. We were so excited when they invited us to Nashville to see, first hand, what they do.

My wife and I packed up on a Sunday and headed south. We spent all day Monday listening to Becca Stevens (founder of Thistle Farms), other leaders, and most importantly, women who were in the program or who had graduated from the program. They talked about their mission to give women a long term home, help guide them through recovery, and teach them a trade that would provide income. Reading about what they do is one thing, but seeing it in person was truly an honor.

Our day started with stopping by their coffee shop that is run by women in the Thistle Farms program. Then listening to some of the women introduce themselves and talk about where they’re at right now. Hearing just a piece of their story and seeing the hope that they’ve been given was an amazing experience.

We were given a tour of the factory where Thistle Farms makes all natural body products. Then headed to the residential home to see where these women live. One thing that really stuck out to me is that when a woman joins the Magdalene House she’s given a key to a house that has no “supervisor” only a few other roommates that are also in the program. When I asked “why” they said that most of the women have had someone “watching over them” and telling them what to do their whole lives. The first gift they give these girls is trust and a place to call theirs.

Thistle Farms is doing everything they can to love these women day in and day out, giving them the practical things they need to stay off the streets as well. I feel like the words “sex trafficking” are thrown around a lot these days. So many people think it’s awful and want to see it put to an end but then do nothing about it. Thistle Farms is DOING something about it. If you want to see more women get the help they need to get off the streets, please, go to and buy a shirt. We will give $5.55 from your purchase to help them continue their mission. You can also support them by purchasing the body products made, packaged, and shipped by the women of Thistle Farms by going to

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Doug DuKate