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The Heart of a Mother




The Heart of a Mother

Doug Dukate

Graham Snodgrass                                                                               Photo by Autumn Locke {photography}

Graham Snodgrass                                                                               Photo by Autumn Locke {photography}

by guest blogger Georgia Snodgrass

Dreaming about the day you have a child born with Down syndrome is not a dream one has for their child. Yet, this dream became reality for our family on June 23, 2011.

As I sit down to type up this blog post, I can already feel the tears welling up in my eyes. In an instant, my mind can go back to that very moment. That very, scary moment for us, as parents to learn that we had a significant increase in the odds of having a child born with Down syndrome. We probably looked similar to a deer caught in headlights (there is truth to that saying for a reason). Ok, it probably looked a little more like slamming your brakes to an immediate stop while driving 90 mph. It’s as if time stopped for a moment. Complete chaos fills your mind and although the doctor is trying to explain to you what this means, all you can hear is Charlie Brown talking. But this time, there’s nothing funny about it.

What exactly was Down syndrome (DS)? At the time, I truly did not know much at all about this genetic disorder. It was rather foreign to me in my circle of life, but God most certainly had plans to change that.

I am one to put on a “good face” so others can’t see what’s really going on, but truth be told, those months leading up to Graham’s birth were extremely difficult. While God gave me peace at times, there were many times I felt my walls crashing down inside of me.

A turning point for me was a divine intervention when a dear friend connected me with Deidre Pujols. She made time out of her busy schedule to call me during my pregnancy. I felt a wave of emotions take over me as I listened to her share her story. This woman knew. She got it. She has a child with DS and felt those same waves of emotions. She was real, she was honest, she was encouraging; and in the end, she pointed it all back to the cross. I will be forever grateful for that conversation as I know it was God speaking through Deidre, directly to me.

I have had the privilege to partake in several Pujols Family Foundation (PFF) events. I have seen Deidre at these events and it’s a beautiful sight to witness her pouring into so many women and families. You see, our journey with our son is still so new (our Graham is almost 3 years old now), yet we have already been thru many obstacles and struggles. We don’t get to wake up one day and these obstacles are over. This has become our “new” normal (whatever normal means anyway). ;)

Graham will have to work twice as hard as his sister did, and most others do, to do many of the things we learn to do in life without even really thinking about it. Like walking or talking and many, many more things. BUT, and yes, there is a but… But, he CAN and he WILL with our constant pursuit in ensuring he has everything he needs to meet those goals. PFF is one of those amazing resources we have as parents to a child with DS.

Faith, Family, Others…the mission of Pujols Family Foundation. An organization that is very true to their words! We do need one another’s support and our family is so very grateful for Albert & Deidre Pujols and all that they do to support the lives of all individuals living with Down syndrome.

Support this wonderful organization by going to VIVE and purchasing a shirt. For every shirt purchased, $5.55 goes directly back to PFF to support their mission!

If you are interested in hearing more about our Graham’s birth story, it’s a story I truly do love to share and you can read more here: Graham's Birth Story.

Down syndrome Facts:

Also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome. I have 2 copies of the 21st chromosome, my son has 3.

One in every 691 babies in the the United States is born with Down syndrome, making Down syndrome the most common genetic condition. Approximately 400,000 Americans have Down syndrome and about 6,000 babies with Down syndrome are born in the United States each year. 

It is still unknown as to what causes Down syndrome. It just happens. And for our family, it happened to us. We are humbled the Lord blessed us with the amazing gift of Graham’s life, to be his parents. Go to and show your support today!

Thank you Autumn Locke {photography} for the amazing pictures of the Snodgrass family