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Our purpose at VIVE is to serve customers and community initiatives by offering the highest quality goods to raise awareness / funds for a just cause.


First World Thinker




First World Thinker

Doug Dukate

Written By Jordan Moler

It was a typical work day. The heat of a St. Louis summer had not yet arrived, but it was humid enough that I felt deprived at the lack of air conditioning in my work truck. Sweat pouring from my brow, I tilt my head back to chug the last half of my third bottle of water and discard the empty container into the small landfill that is the floor of my work truck. Coming to a stop the breaks screech, empty bottles from the week roll from the back of the cab to front like the tide of the sea. I had arrived at my next delivery.

As I step out of the truck I can count the empty bottles on the porch of the home. Ten empty five gallon bottles wait for me, the water man, to swap them out. I carefully replace each bottle. Fifty gallons of purified drinking water delivered straight to their doorstep. The water that comes from the tap must not meet the standards of their sophisticated pallet. I fill out their bill, slide it under the closest bottle to the door and on to the next house; knowing I'll have to return in a couple of weeks to repeat the task.

Two hundred gallons later it was time for lunch. As I walked into the restaurant my sweat soaked shirt met the air conditioning causing chills to run down my back. I make my way to the bathroom and walk directly to the sink; I turn on the tap as cold as it will go. I wash my hands, splashing the ice cold water on my face and neck. Feeling refreshed, I go order food and sit down. As I sit there I watch the glass of my free ice water form tears. I watch them roll down the side, collecting in a small puddle on the table. I down two glasses and am crunching on the ice before my food is ready.

The table begins to vibrate and I look down at my phone. It's a text from Scott; we had secured a partnership with WATERisLIFE for August.

I immediately hop on and absorb every bit of social media; watching video after video. My stomach turns and I begin to feel sick. Not from the questionable food I was having for lunch, but from the information that I was reading.

"Every day, water-related diseases claim the lives of 5000 children under the age of five. Millions of people are stricken with preventable diseases because of the lack of clean drinking water."

I hate to say it, but I am a first world thinker consumed by myself and never thinking twice about turning on and off the tap. Taking this luxury that I've always had for granted. Delivering water door to door, it never crossed my mind that in other countries people struggle to survive due to lack of clean drinking water. Water really is life. It's something that we all need and WATERisLIFE is trying to fill that need all around the world.

WATERisLIFE provides short and long term water solutions and integrated hygiene and sanitation programs to those in desperate need. They provide hands on opportunities for others to be involved through fundraising and field project implementation. We can help WATERisLIFE make a direct impact with clean water; saving lives and transforming communities.

WATERisLIFE has brought two very separate parts of my life together. While I may deliver water door to door by day, by night I am a graphic designer for VIVE Clothing Co. Our purpose at VIVE is to serve customers and community initiatives by offering the highest quality goods to raise awareness/funds for a just cause. This month VIVE will donate $5.55 of every item purchased to WATERisLIFE’s cause. You can shop now at and check out to see the amazing work they are doing all over the world.