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Michelle's Story

Doug Dukate

My story is not unlike most single mom stories that you have heard or read about, but I do have something unique to share with you.  Over the years, I have managed to become friends with an amazing group of people who have been an amazing blessing to my family.

I had four children and after years of trying to make things work, my husband and I divorced. I was able to secure an apartment and eventually a job and begun to raise my children (on my own).

It has always been a struggle. We only had my income which took care of the bare essentials, but never helped with unexpected expenditures and that is were We Love St. Charles (WLSC) came into our lives.

One day a neighbor told me about this group who was giving away free winter coats for children. This alone was such a blessing because I never had the extra money for things like that. So I called the number given to me, they took my information and said that in a few weeks someone would be by to deliver the new coats for the kids.

When the volunteers from WLSC came by the house, they came inside to meet the kids and sat and talked to us... they really got to know us.

That has been six years ago, and since then this amazing group has been there with us through loved ones that have passed away, my cancer diagnosis and treatments in which someone each night brought over dinner when my treatments got so bad that I couldn't cook for the kids. They have been there when I took in two more children whose parents weren't up for the task.

I have been blessed by so many wonderful people with this group. They have never made me feel bad for the help they have given us and as many single parents will tell you it is a hard thing to admit that you need help (you never want to appear that you cannot do this all on your own), but in reality no one can.

WLSC over the years has provided not just the coats or back to school supplies, but a bond that will never be broken. We have not only a great friendship with so many of these angels, but a love of family that they have provided us with. As my children have gotten older and started their next path in their lives we all take WLSC with us on our journey because it would not be complete without them.