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Our purpose at VIVE is to serve customers and community initiatives by offering the highest quality goods to raise awareness / funds for a just cause.





Jordan Moler

The Journey

There has always been something inside of me that longs for adventure, to walk out my front door and be swept off.  I never thought it would happen, simply because I’ve always existed more in my head than in action. I am an introvert to the utmost, preferring paper and pens to people. I love to create, but both in my art and my life I tend to keep to myself and I never expected that to change and then it did.

I didn’t realize it for a long time, but I was indeed on an adventure. When I started the journey I had given up on art. I denied my passion because it was easier for me to suppress it then deal with the potential failure in it. Over the past several years, through prayer and constant challenge and encouragement from my wife, healing began to occur. I began to create again and began to learn so much what it looks like to have freedom in art. From that grew a deep desire for a platform to share it, to encourage others just like me. VIVE became the answer to that.

Months went by without us doing much with VIVE at all. We all have families and full time jobs, which would often take priority and understandably so. I thought about walking away to pursue a new platform, one that would give me complete freedom and a means to encourage others. But why start over when you already have a platform that’s established?  One evening, at a long overdue VIVE meeting, without even bringing up my desire, it was said, “Jordan, what if you were able to go fulltime and have complete artistic freedom?”

This was an answer to my prayer. It was a cause for celebration, for halleluiahs and jumping up and down (of course because of my introvertedness and calm demeanor this would all occur on the inside). Instead of joy, I was flooded with fears, doubts and inadequacies. Again, I was existing in my head instead of in action. As soon as my daydreams became reality, I became crippled.

When I spoke to my wife about the opportunity she outwardly expressed what should have been my inward excitement, with both feet in, she told me to quit my job the next day. We met in the middle and decided to pray about the decision, both practicality and financially. This was a huge decision that was going to be made. From that moment God began to provide in unexpected ways and each gift, grew my confidence and courage that this was indeed the platform I had been praying for.

Months later, I sit at my desk, penning this on my first day as VIVE Clothing Companies first full-time employee. Many things are changing here but we are still committed to fighting the good fight. My hope is that we can encourage through art and word, to live on purpose as a force for good. I hope you will join me on this journey.


In Courage,